Improve the security of your products and systems with our cybersecurity solutions. We’ll help you understand and manage your risks, secure your products, and protect your brand’s integrity.

Our strategic cybersecurity solutions address current and emerging connected technology needs. When you fully understand the risks and capabilities involved with interconnectivity, you can start truly maximizing your product innovation. You can count on Market Now’s knowledge of best practices, insights and support to help keep you ahead of the curve on evolving regulatory and industry needs, as well as the innovation possibilities that connected technologies provide.

Market Now offers a tailored approach to the needs of consumer product manufacturers, offering robust security at an accessible price, with a fast-paced test and certification process fitting into the product launch schedule, and with consumer reassurance at the heart of certification. Our cyber security project management capabilities can be applied to any category of products, with connected products from baby monitors and children’s toys, through smart furniture to autonomous lawnmowers and smart grills listed or in testing.

As a consumer electronic product manufacturer, you are under constant pressure to innovate and keep up with changing consumer demands while managing cost and lead times. And of course, safety is a top priority. With the help of our industry specialists, you can ease the process of meeting regulatory requirements, reduce administrative and project management costs, and accelerate access to global markets.

Sectors Serviced:

– Automotive
– Physical Security
– eID Solutions
– Connected Lighting
– Healthcare Data Management
– Medical Devices

Key Features:

  1. Whole lifecycle assurance with continuous vulnerability monitoring

  2. Comprehensive security testing covering the three IoT corners: The device, the app and the cloud all present vulnerabilities in an IoT product. Leaving any corner untested may leave the product exposed to serious risks.

  3. Consumer reassurance and brand advantage: through a globally recognized network of certification partners. Your product and/or technology will be assigned a dedicated QR code and online Directory listing. Your clients will be able to access your listing with one click from any smartphone giving them confidence that your product and/or technology is secure, resulting in a significant brand advantage.

  4. Help meet regulatory requirements: Our internal process helps your products meet new requirements such as California and Oregon ‘IoT Product’ laws, and emerging EU requirements, which combined with organizational security assessments, meet privacy laws such as CCPA.

  5. Cost efficiency and speed to market via scalable structure: Our third-party testing process allows rapid, economical scaling over a family of products, helping keep cost per SKU down
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