Market Now provides a comprehensive range of services for cosmetics, and beauty and personal care products to ensure quality, safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance.

Whether you are just starting up or an establish brand, manufacturer, product safety and quality are vital.

The beauty and personal care industry are driven by a constantly evolving regulatory landscape and the development of new technologies. Innovation is crucial to the successful development of new cosmetics products. However, with the use of new ingredients and materials, the industry is continually challenged to develop safe, effective, and compliant products that meet the requirements of both legislation and consumers.

Partnering with Market Now helps brands and producers to speed up their international growth, optimize the quality and safety of their supply chain and reduce total costs. Our services range from research and development and clinical development support to new product and notification, manufacturing, and ongoing support.

New Product Development: Personal Care Products Compliant with the US and Canadian Markets

Regulatory Involvement should start from the very beginning of product development. Proper planning and review at each stage of the development process is necessary to ensure that your personal care products will receive prompt acceptance to the market and be profitable. Regulatory advice, especially at the early development stage will help you to avoid costly reformulations and refusals by retailers, not to mention potential recalls and lawsuits.

We will advise you on how to design and produce personal care products tailored to your specific business needs: product presentation, marketing and advertising requirements, ingredient-specific claims support, country-specific considerations, and registration compliance.

Cosmetics New Product Development Services

– Product Classification & Confirmation
– Ingredient Listings
– Ingredient Restriction & Limitation Assessment
– Compliant & Accurate French Translations
– Required Warnings
– Formula Review & Development
– Ingredient Safety Review/Assessment
– Compliant Advertising Strategies
– Cosmetic Testing Recommendations for Specific Claims
– Reviewing Scientific Studies to Substantiate Product Claims
– Requirements & Validation for Targeted Product Claims
– Review of Existing Labels & Compliant Labelling Strategies
– Dual Canada-US Cosmetic Label Development
– Providing Guidance on Compliance Issues (GMPs)
– Cosmetic Testing: Compliance/Specification Development
– Stability Protocol Development
– Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) Preparation & Submissions (Canada)
– WERCs System – Review & Guidance for Submissions
– Registering Products Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (US)
– Assistance with Available Industry Certifications Issued by Third-Party Organizations

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