When technology, innovation, ambition and a commitment to people converge, the impossible becomes attainable. Leading in the uncertain future will require companies to become masters of change and growth. It is not enough to keep pace anymore – to lead, companies must become pioneers.

Innovative technologies make the boldest ambitions achievable, but people are the north star that provide vision and direction. We are here to work with people, so that great vision and direction can be achieved with our core capabilities.


Great ideas need to be backed with deep research and strategic planning to ensure product development stages are effective and underpinned by a shared vision for success. Clarifying why a product is being developed and, perhaps more importantly, why end-users or buyers will engage with it, is something we spend time on.

Gaining a full understanding of your product expectations, the competitors, target audiences, and the market proposition creates the strategic foundation and reduces development risk. From here, propositions can be developed into the physical and technical requirements needed to bring them into reality. 

The deliverable; a product assessment report great for early-stage and later-stage companies looking to raise funding, and for investors, prior to investing into an innovative product and/or technology.

  • Concept Review
  • Label & Packaging Review
  • Technology Integration
  • User Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Engineering Prototyping

“Companies are no longer strictly competing for market share; they are competing to build their vision of the future faster than the competition.”

Companies that sell products globally must respond to a broad range of regulatory requirements that are always expanding. You shouldn’t have to navigate that landscape alone.

Market Now has gathered a diverse team of industry experts to provide you with insight into your obligations, and how to meet them efficiently. As your requirements increase, our team can help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your certification programs up to date. 

The deliverable; a binder containing product specific information (copies of your test reports, certificates of compliance, product specifications, customs requirements, etc.) and all other relevant regulatory requirements met by your product and/or technology, ensuring desired market access.

  • Preliminary Review
  • Construction Review
  • Testing/Audit Preparation
  • Testing/Audit Management
  • Certification Issuance

How you behave is often more important than what you say. We understand brand and how it can be translated into the physical and digital touch points of your brand’s customer and user experience. We are here to help you create product and packaging designs that are efficient to manufacture and relevant to your market, while standing out from your competitors.

Our interdisciplinary approach brings ideas to life. We produce beautiful and effective industrial designs and packaging through our expertise in:

Concept Generation & Development – We create seed ideas which we develop into promising concepts, and eventually in more viable, defined solutions.

Design Detailing – We consider and define every element of your product or pack, from functionality and visual sensitivity to tactile response.

Design Communication – We can provide you with powerful visualized narratives and scenarios, using hand-dawn sketches, 2D and 3D computer rendering, animation and video.

Colour, Material & Finish – We explore options, making recommendations and specifications.

Visual Brand Language – We translate your brand values into tangible attributes that we can then apply meaningfully to your products and packing.

Product Classification Report on steroids which will provide your business plan with ample ammunition when it comes to showcasing your go-to market plan, competitive analysis, and timeline/use of funds; directly aligned with your product development strategy. Here are examples of sections that could be included in your Investor Readiness Package:

  • Market Overview
  • Competitors’ Analysis
  • Strategic Product Development Analysis
  • Product Unique Capabilities or Differentiators
  • Global Regulatory Strategy
  • Regulatory Timeline and Cost
  • Global Market Launch Strategy
  • Funding Opportunities and Programs
Step 1 Process - Ice-Breaker

30 minutes complimentary discovery session to learn more about you, your product, and your business.

Review of technical documentation and product design to identify key areas requiring changes or modifications based on market selection criteria.

Step 2 Process - Assess
Step 3 Process - Define

Firm up scope, timelines, fees and deliverable(s).

Testing and inspection management, final report issuance, markings and labelling.

Step 4 Process - Execute
Step 5 Process - Launch

Regulatory binder in hand, along with final reiteration of product labels and certificates of conformity.

 1,2.3, SELL!


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The world rewards leaders. We help you innovate,
creating strategies and products that take you
somewhere different from the competition by delivering
unexpected but relevant solutions for the future.

The world rewards leaders. We help you innovate, creating strategies and products that take you somewhere different from the competition by delivering unexpected but relevant solutions for the future.

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